Joker Online Casino


The Joker Online Casino has a selection of many slot machine and table games as well as a live casino section for players who want to interact with their game dealer.

Some of the hottest slot machine titles the casino has include Three Kingdoms Quest. One of the hottest table games at the casino is Lucky Roulette. Other slot machine games offered include SuperDragon and SuperDragon 3D. Other table games offered include Baccarat, Sic Bo and Blackjack. The live casino section hosts Blackjack, Poker and Roulette games.

In order to play the casino’s games, most players download the free software offered. Others choose to access the games through their web browser or mobile device. Once players are signed into their casino account they can choose to gamble real money or use fake credits.

New slot machine games are constantly being added to the casino’s collection, giving players a great reason to keep coming back over and over again. Players that have questions about the casino or its games can send an email inquiry and receive a reply from a customer service representative. The casino is available in four different languages, but a Google Chrome browser can translate most of the text to English.

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Top Casino reviews, advantages and disadvantages of online casino

Online casinos offer you a virtual experience in the casino world. Plus online casinos offer multiple benefits which make this game more than gambling. It is now a business and professional for many people and a great source of living for them. So, here is a short review about online casinos in Malaysia:


The first in the list is as they are serving for more than 10 years and one of the trusted online casino website on internet.
  • They also offer you live casino games plus number of slot games introduced each day which will spice up the excitement.
  • Besides this, the registration process of the website is very simple plus they offer sign up bonus.
  • Also, there is withdrawal option in it through which you can withdraw your money when you went to.
  • This game offers you a comfortable online casino experience with unlimited benefits.


If you are looking for a good online casino experience then you should is best for you. Everything about this website is just top class.
  • This online websites transaction process is like a bullet train plus withdrawal process and deposing process is just amazing.
  • Taking about its bonus, they very are generous regarding it plus you will get the bonus at the time of registration.
  • One of the important things about this bonus is that they offer you two types of bonus points i.e. one is 20% and second is 100%. But these bonus points are offered to you with different terms and conditions.
  • At last their customer support services are great and they have friendly behaviors regarding their customers.

dafabet is another top website for online casino. This website is ideal for sports betting plus offers you live sports events through which you can make huge money.

  • This website is also live scores of different sports which is very helpful for their players. The gaming software of this site is extremely amazing plus works excellent.
  • It is designed perfectly and also user friendly. It users can operate it easily and available to you with multiple functions.
  • But while transactions, there is chances of human errors in it which might bother you. But overall the website is good and highly trustable.

bet365 game is kind of different from other online casino games. You will get different types of games in it.

  • They offer huge selection of choices in which you can select from different types of games. There are more than 500 games in it plus each game have some different features in it which will offers amazing twist and turn.
  • Unlike other games, you will get weekly bonus in this game which is quite a different and new thing in online casino games. Besides this, the process of getting bonus is quite simple and easy.
  • All your favorite slot games are there for you like Tikki Tastic, kingdom of cash, wild wishes etc, Dragon Place etc. is an online casino which offers the best online platform for sports betting. Since 1994, its provide world class services plus offers you different teams and leagues.

  • You can play the most popular games in it and compete with different league teams.
  • The website offers you daily betting bonus or re-depositing bonus.
  • You got a chance to win event tickets in it. Well, this is quite fun and interesting too plus you can make extra money from it without any investment.
  • Also, in this you will get a t-shirt and jersey of your team and it is for free. is new in the gambling business but in a short tine this website become favorites of gamblers.

  • If you are kind of person who like different game then this website is good starting point. Its endless games and live casinos will offer you a gambling experience at one place.
  • You will get tables game also like blackjack, video poker, slot machines etc. Plus play live games through live casinos and get entertained by real dealers.
  • Besides this, the game offer by these casinos has amazing video quality and its graphics will give you realistic look and feeling.
  • The USP of this website is its different types of bonus like welcome bonus, deposit bonus, monthly bonus etc.
  • Besides this, bonus points are rewarded according to the type of games but the only drawback of this game is that while playing players face inconvenience with the web design as it is not responsive.

Looking for the safest and secure online casino website then you must try They offer top quality gambling games like lucky palace, rollex, ho gaming etc.
  • You will get all type of online casino games in it plus it will offer you a 4D section.
  • In terms of security, player’s information is not shared nor disclosed to the third party. The website follows strict privacy policies plus all your account details keep confidential.
  • They offer sport betting and live sports betting through which you will get the updated information while betting.
  • Promotional bonus is offered by them like rewards or welcome bonus. There is s FAQ page of the website on which you will find all the answers of your questions. website is famous for its no deposit bonus. Players will not have to deposit any money while registration plus they receive their welcome bonus in meantime.
  • Through this website players get a chance a win lot of money with fewer resources.
  • The next good thing about this website is that they have transparency in their games plus they have nothing to hide.
  • Besides this, operators of the website make sure that you will never run out of option and because of this they provide new gaming options time to time.
  • Mostly players prefer this game because here they get fair game and equal chances.

So, this is all about the review of top casino games around the world.  Hope this information will be helpful for you. Now, let’s look for the advantages and disadvantages of online casino.

Advantages of playing online casino games

1. Comfort 

No doubt, this is the main reason why most of the people go for online casino games. Also, not all the people are very rich and have time for casino games. Also, land based casinos are quite frustrating when you lose your money and have bad experience in it. Well, you will not face such problem in online casino as is very different from land based. Online casinos are for those people who neither have enough money nor time to spend. All you need a computer, an online casino website and internet and the fun started. Also, you will get a loud free and tension free atmosphere to play.

2. Variety of games 

Each site offers unlimited games like slot games, blackjack, poker etc. Besides this, when you play online then you will get all the updated games in no time while this is not possible in land based casinos. Also, online games offer you a way through which you can self learn all the things which will improve your skills and thinking power. Besides this, there are many free games available online which are very helpful in learning the new strategies of the game. On the other hand you will not get a practice session in land based casinos.

3. Added bonus 

Everyone loves bonus and you will get them in online casino games. The websites offer sign up bonus and these bonus may be in the form of free games or in the form of free trials for new members. Also, if tournaments and events required deposits then the website will offer you bonus points regarding such deposits.

4. Bet sizes 

Online casino games have virtual existence which running cost is not high but this is not in the case of land based casinos. They have to pay land rents and overheads and because of this the bet size of these casinos are limited.

Disadvantages of playing online casino games

1. No social interaction 

Virtual casinos may offer many benefits but due to lack of social interaction there are chances of fraud and manipulation. Also, with so many online gambling websites it is hard to trust on everyone and your personal information is also at stake if you choose wrong website.

2. System downtime 

This is risky plus frustrating especially when you are winning the match. Also, if your system is down then you lose all your fluency and thus your efficiency decreases.

3. Issue with withdrawal

I know many websites claim that you can easily withdraw your bonus or winning amount but most of them will not fulfill their commitments. At the time of withdrawal they ask for certain documents and identity cards which make your withdraws process lengthy and time consuming.


Everything has its advantages and disadvantages and so with the case with online casinos. So, if you are searching for online casino than above casino review might help you in right selection.

Playboy888 or Casino Playboy – Slot Games and Casino games


Playboy888 or Casino Playboy – Attractive slot games and casino games in market. Click here to Get Free ID

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Playboy888 / Casino Playboy – Online Casino Gaming

The Online casino is a secure and well-established gambling process which is available free on the internet so that users can play it anywhere and at any time. The online casino has converted the scene online gaming as the people in whose country the casinos are banned can only able to enjoy them once they went to other countries, but online casinos provide them the accessibility to play them at any point of time according to their own comfortability. Playing video slots games are a kind of addiction to everybody, especially the youngsters is very used to it, and it is a kind of a popular past time game for thousands of people and they love to enjoy their experience with Playboy casino games. The game is said to be made up of a five reel shot that has the features varying from various ways known as 243 ways to win the game, as there are no standard marking lines that need to achieve to win the game, rather there needs to achieve the matching combinations. As usually the slot games have slots, wilds, scatters and spins this game is also made up of these features.

Online Casino has got lots of variety of the players and if we talk about the tie-ups then we will see back in 2013 when micro gaming has already signed up an agreement with famous Hugh Hefner Playboy Company and has since released lots of online slot games that has been developed iconically for the players who are casino level. The basic of every game lies in the consistency, how much the person who is playing the game consists with the frequency of coming back to the same. The Playboy Casino also starts with a basic level and then goes forward to the advanced, the further levels will depend on upon the client’s current performance and the difficulty level will be created with that only. The client can win lots of exclusive bonuses and perks if he clarifies the same and won the subsequent game.

Below are the some of the features of the Playboy Casino games:

1. Achievements: You can complete all the accomplishments and also can mark your success ratio through your panel too. Reaching platinum will off course will give you a higher payout, but you need to map your success for that, so mark your success ladder with the Playboy casino game and proceed forward to play and unlock more achievements.

2. Bonuses: There are lots of bonus businesses with the game through which you can make good money if you have a hang of it you can get the trigger in your hands for winning the game. The bonuses are offered are in the name of the girls like Kimi, Julian which has the several benchmarks for the free spins. These free spins have the capacity to give your game a new twist and to take the same to another level where you are almost unbeatable by anyone.

3. 14 Unique Icons: The panel of the game constitutes 14 different slots with different pay scales to conquer by the clients playing the game. These milestones have different payouts that need to be managed by the clients as they need to surpass different levels to achieve their targets.

Playboy casino has been one of the best games to look forward once you visit any casino as they have the monopoly on the slot games because they have upgraded themselves several times over the years and have received the response accordingly. The clients on every visit want something extra to be served to them as they love to see extra spins or free spins at every level and most importantly something new to explore each day. These kinds of the games not only persuade the clients to visit them again and again, but also creates new clients each day to increase their revenue and their publicity as well. Playboy casino has been played and loved by the clients due to their unique features which they offer to their supreme clients and help the people who haven’t passed the level to climb upwards in the ladder of success. Online facility has made the interface a bit easier and also make the game a lot fair for the people.

As everything is online so the chances of being partial to anyone is next to none, these games can be played through any casinos and they have also received good responses from their clients as well which are present at every length and breadth of the world. Playing Playboy casino game has been a lot of fun with the people around and they really like the fun coming down towards various levels to the pinnacle. The moreover the ambiance of the casino also plays a major role in creating the aura around the casino. The casinos are very famous as they are famous for the game and for the ambiance as well, that has a lot of music around, and that is a sizzling one so that the people coming down to the casino can have as much fun as possible. Playboy Casino has been into the existence quite a long time and people have also reviewed the same for years as it has already been years that the game is released. Whenever you get the chance to play online Playboy casino, do have the flavor of the same, once you visit any casino nearby or on any of your vacations. Playboy Casino has maintained its position and in the coming years also the position will be very strong and the players are very eagerly waiting for the twist and turn that future will bring to the Playboy Casino.

Case study big win in online betting- How is it possible

Case study big win in online betting- how is it possible

The online gambling sites are very famous for the way they had bought change, revolution in world of betting, gambling. The exciting and fun thing about betting is that it’s so much thrilling to anyone who is quite interested in such game. The advent of the internet has made the gambling much easier and that has helped many players.

The favorite sport of many people has become the world of gambling as this is more thrilling than most of other games. The risk is certainly there yet most people would love playing betting. The facility of the internet and devices had made gambling so easy that people could now easily play and win in betting from any place.

The convenience is highly looked up to especially when people are putting money at risk. With usage of online betting, the fans of gambling have got a great way to easily play betting without even moving out from house. The world of casinos and betting has been prevailing since the centuries, yet the last years had been even more amazing for the gambling.

Skills for making more money

There are people who do not even know what the gambling is about and don’t know how the world of gambling functions. That’s why several online sites are launched up till now to make people knowledgeable about how all things happen.

Some extra money has been made by several players because they learnt how the gambling games work. Few people do not know how to participate into such betting games. The simple way is that you get registered with authentic site that offers huge game variety.

Some sites are there which do not have collection of sports book and are just having some simple games that are not at all exciting. So you must find that gambling site which is helpful to you in all aspects. The ultimate aim is to win money while playing the games that are personal favorite.

Betting on specific game is much better and also the game should be specific so that betting is done properly. Playing something that is not the forte or is not exciting is not right because you are likely to be losing in such game.

Instead the better option is first selecting game that is favorite to you in terms of strategy or for the way it’s played. Certain gambling games are purely boring and do not invite much audience. So if you’re having preference for some game, it’s always great to go for gambling in that game and not in something that is popular or because you’re playing mates are betting in that game.

How to win huge amounts

There are several tips that are used up by players to make gambling much better experience. The venue in online betting site is not essential as the person does not have to go somewhere in reality and can simply use any site which is genuine. For winning amounts in gambling it’s essential to understand basic rules which are going to be helpful during playing such games through the betting sites. Once

participation is done in such sites, the process of registration begins and also the accounts are prepared for all players to make transactions possible.

Winning big is not hard as some people are able to understand quickly about the rules and terms of the gambling world. The sport betting is wonderful event that promises a lot of money value if played correctly.

Players decide where they want to place bets and where they want to set up slots as these are dependent on personal skills and understanding of gambling game. For earning more, case study of how to win big must be studied and tricks of that must be applied when you play yourself in such game.

The tips of the gambling games are stated in many sites and that is to help up all those beginners who are unaware of how gambling works. Professionals can use up these tips as well and that is because they too need new ways to win over the other gamblers.

Convenience of playing

The betting site allows option to many players for buying slots and converting the initial deposits as huge amounts in their accounts just by playing and betting. All this happens with usage of the betting sites and not by going to venue of the casinos.

The gambling world has so much to offer for all those who are consistent and do not get overconfident by the few wins. Sometimes winning in gambling could be pure luck and nothing else and this can create a sense of over confidence into the players. But wise players do not get so much carried away and are focused on making money only by playing a little safe.

The betting sites which handle the sports betting are created in ways that all players find them easy to use. The users on visiting such sites have simple access and do not have to create any specific account. Other times, such sites could be asking up for creation of the accounts or for registrations. This helps in keeping tracks of the money that is being transferred through the player’s accounts and also from site.

Other Ways to Win big

Also another way of winning in such sites is by using the way of becoming the bookie. For this, you can simply place the bets and that could be used by other people for choosing the odds in match and by having them all posted.

The betting sites online are the place that betters use for convergence into the matching of such bets. Matching and make the extra amount by just by the winnings that happen in betting. The forums are used up for winning big as that could be so useful in gambling, betting world.

Choosing events and games is also great for those who want to create huge amounts by world of betting. When others bettors try matching with your odds than chance of more money increases.


Case Study How James Leong Won RM23755 Playing Malaysia Casino Slot Games

Slot games are famous to be easy.

Most of people believes that slot games depends on luck, somehow this is true which means that a person who has never played any type of online casino game could try his/her luck on slot game.

Other than this, you really don’t need to have knowledge of playing slot online Malaysia because you press the button and wish to end up with same icons on the slot machine.

But the question is, if slot games are that easy to play and winning on casino slot games totally depends on luck then how does some random guys like James Leong is winning big prizes again and again?

This proves that there are some tips and tricks to play slot online Malaysia games to win prizes including jackpots.

James Leong an Malaysian guy who won RM23755 by playing Malaysia casino slot games. I have read about his story in newspaper. First i thought it is fake but after investigation, i have come to know that the story of James Leong and his prize RM23755 is real and he is really winning jackpots by playing casino slot games.

After more investigation I have to come to know that he is following same steps every time whenever he play slot games which makes me to confirm that he is playing some tricks which help him to win. Indeed, he does not won RM23755 every time but most of time his winning is always in five figures.

James Leong did not shared his trick to won big prizes through casino slot games but if you read his recent interview in newspaper then you could get some idea about his strategy to play and won big prizes like RM23755 by paying Malaysia casino slot games. For instant and your help, following I am sharing his tips to win slot games.

You can use these tips to increase your chances of winning prizes through casino slot games:

Build up your bankroll:

Its mean that you need to set that how many money you are going to bet in slot games online. What will be the quantity of money you will use each time. Usually the a best bank roll strategy is to start bets from very low prices. By doing this, you did not just bet more but you got more chances to win big prizes including more jackpots and you will play more games as well.

Try to increase the amount of your bet with winning amount instead of using your original money. This will save your original investment in your pocket which could be use later to bet big money. Only increase your bet if you are winning something. Play again and again with minimum bets on slot machines until you earn something, then increase the amount of bet.

Choose best slot machine:

Slot online Malaysia from has so many different types of slot machines. Each slot machine has different number of games. The idea behind each machine is same but could be different in term of prizes, jackpots and playing theme.

So, pick wisely. If you are aware with a slot machine, it is better to try your luck on that one because you know who that how to play slot games on that specific slot machine.

Start from basics to advance:

James told in one of his interview that he start playing basic slot games in start to learn how to play slot games. He said that many newbie start trying their luck on very advance slot games because its offer better prizes. He said, this is a big mistake because to play advance slot games, you first need to play basic games to understand the phenomena of slot games online.

Pick best game to play:

Don’t just think that you are Mr. James and you are slot master. Not all slot games are designed for you. You need to give sometime to know which slot machine suits you and which slot machine has a slot game which suits with your taste and specially with luck.

If you are new to slot online Malaysia then try your luck on several slot games. Learn trick and try different skills to win the casino slot games. In very short time you will succeed to found a best slot game which would have more chances of your winning.

Take advantage of free slot games:

Most of slot online Malaysia casino offers you to take free trial of their slot games. This option is designed to attract new gambler to join their club. But as a gambler, you can take advantage of this offer. Because every club has different slot games which has been played with different style.

Online casino could be vary website to website. So, don’t miss free trial of online slot games to learn how does slot games has been played online including what type of prizes you can won and what are the chances of jackpot including its prize etc.

Don’t miss free promotions:

Online casino clubs do offer free bonuses on the registration or winning a game or playing games for specific number of times. This offer usually includes the use of their virtual money or discount on your deposit to the website.

This promotions could be real game changer for newbie specially when you get on registration on casino website. Usually you have to attach your credit card to use these promotions at registration. So, don’t worry about it because it won’t charge you anything without your permission.

Select big jackpots slot games:

Every slot machine has different sizes of jackpots. Usually a difficult slot game online come up with big jackpot prizes. Picking a game on the bases of jackpot prize is a great strategy to play slot games online but this will be only work if you have skills and good experience to win slot games.

Don’t do this until you become expert or you have enough money to loss. Meanwhile keep eyes on all slot machines to know about their jackpots prizes because an easily slot game could have big jackpots sometime.

Online Slot Games Malaysia can be enormously exciting

Slot machines Malaysia have been released and employed in the wagering industry for a few period of years now and still make people worldwide rich. Lots of individuals keep running to this way in the event that gaming to learn from all it has to offer them. Because of the level at which technology has attained; it is very easy to play slot games on the web. There is also no need to draw a lever to have the slot device render you its service. Playing slot games online can be a very fun experience should you really know what you want and know very well what to do. You can even find offers offered to gamblers with internet slot games regarding proportions with investment recovery and the many more.

Nowadays, you can find so many casino games Malaysia on the internet that are free of charge or could be played with fees installed. It has benefits if providing you a massive win inside loads. On the internet slot gambling provides every detail with it that the real physical gambling houses have available within their casinos. Regardless of whether playing with bodily money or even online funds, the excitement with online gaming can never be cut brief. It also depends on you however to make it worth your while. Most on the internet slot games play with real-time.

The many slot games Malaysia provided online to interested persons make the time gaming very worthwhile and allow you remain glued for your seats. This kind of ranges from pictures of various fresh fruits, animals among others that make that you simply winner whenever your spin places you with all three of the exact graphic. The fun portion about it is that, you can enjoy online skit games wherever due to the convenience. This means, no matter where you are you are able to play your chosen slot games online only when you have world wide web connectivity and knowledge bundles.

Click here to get more information about Casino Games Malaysia.

3win8 – Slot Games and Casino Games


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3win8 Casino

Games are the passion of the people they love to play and enjoy in their idle time via playing their favorite games. Games can require individuals to play in a go or teams to be there as well. And when the teams are there that is when the actual fun comes into the action, you can involve your dear friends and relatives. The games are a kind of refreshment that takes you to another world and make you refresh from your daily hectic world. People love vacations and vacation in a country like Malaysia is one of the kind that they love to take part. Malaysia has a crowd that loves to play live casinos and take part in them. Live Casinos games have been one of the major attractions in Malaysia, the crowd loves to play the branded Casinos and enjoy the delight of their vacations. Live Casinos are a kind of fantasy for some people, time if you are the people who are entering the Casino for the first time, then you can take the help of Casino agents available in Casinos that can help you very well in playing the same and can guide you over too.

Live Casinos games have existed in Malaysia from long back, people have the flair to them as they are very renowned ones too, but there is another category of games too that is coming over very fast that is Slot games. Slot online Malaysia games in the coming time can be the next resort for the game lovers, as they are the next games which can offer the similar kind of excitement to their players. Going further for the best websites you can definitely speak to your friends, relatives, and other members of your group to come along with you. As the online Casinos games have been quite popular now it’s the time mobile slot gaming platform, 3Win8 is one of the famous and centralized online gaming slot platforms which combines some of the famous slot games SKY3888, SCR888, and club suncity.
3Win8 is famous due to the variety of options it provides to its players, it is not famous for its traditional slot games, and it also provides the option of multiplayer slot games to its greatest fans. Games for the multiplayer slot games that are quite famous for their adventurous journey and nice ups and downs are Ocean Kings and Wukong. In Malaysia, the Highway kings have been one of the famous slot games that the residents and visitors have known for a long time. The author of this great game is Playtech and you can find the same under 3Win8 as well. Although there are others slot games as well, but 3Win8 have its own charm as it is constituted of many games and each of them is of high popularity and quality.

3Win8 not only combines the slot games which are considered similar to SKY3888 and SCR888 but there are also other games available like Club suncity and Playtech. 3Win8 Casino is considered just like a bible in Malaysia, that people never wanted to get bored off or rid of. The slot online Malaysia games are a typical advantage in sticking of as well and i.e. a user can switch over from one to another to try the better luck. The player can lose money in Great Blue but Switching to Highway Kings can bring the lucky charm for him. On transiting to another game you can be confronted to win big and free bonus games too.
In starting whenever a new game is launched in the market in the first stage the service providers tend to provide lots of Jackpots and payouts to the users who are coming frequently to use their services, this strategy not only adds new users to the games but also increases the retention ratio of the existing users. In the next phase after the launch, they tend to decrease the payout to increase their profit margins too, as this gives them the time to reach the break even and start earning profits for them. On the other hand, if we analyze 3Win8 position in the market, we will come to know that the brand is still in the initial stage of growth in the terms of the fan following and market share as well. And one of the most effective ways in which you can increase the same by increasing the payouts. This could be the time when you can really make the handsome payout for the same as well. Progressive Jackpots are very common in online Casinos as people are quite used to it as well. They adopt a kind of standard payout policy for the users around the world and that is more you bet, your chances to win also be high and to strike the jackpots as well. In this case, you can also think to increase of your wagers so that, of course you can bet more.

The betting websites tend to experiment with their existing games to provide their users something new to explore each coming day and they love to visit them next time. A nice casino or betting website can easily allure the users for a small time, but they should consider that in the long run they need to be authentic and should offer decent payouts for the players. If you are one of the users, then do know that whatever the future should hold for you in the casino games you should read the reviews before betting on the particular website and do not follow blindly any agent. It is all about keeping your eyes and ears open all the time before you go to the casino games as there lots of complaints also of cheating and frauds also. So recognize an authentic source and do not run blindly and believe anyone like that so believes in yourself and play Hard.


Roulette: Quick Tips for Winning

Roulette : Quick Tips for winning

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Looking to spice up your Casino Malaysia gambling. Perhaps blackjack, keno and the slot machines are getting a little old to you. If you want to add a new game to your repertoire, then you should consider roulette. The game of Roulette is considered to be a game of chance, which means that the ability that you might have to influence the winning number is about equal to influencing the flip of a coin. Each spin of the roulette wheel is completely independent and has no effect on any subsequent spins. However, with that being said, there are a few simple strategies that you can try out while playing the game which will give you a decided advantage in the game.

We have shortlisted some information about Roulette below for a quick view:

  • Roulette is a game played between one the seven players.
  • Roulette is one of the most popular games at these casino Malaysia gambling centers for a good reason: for winners there are so many ways a single number, an odd or even number, a low, mid or high number, black or red, or in a combination of all of these bets.
  • Roulette was first developed in France, but was banned from European mainland.
  • Don’t drink and bet. It makes you more reckless about your betting decisions.
  • Quit while you are ahead and make sure to set limits.

First of all, the most important thing that you should know how to avoid so called” quint bet”. This well-known bet is only available on a roulette wheel that contains both a zero and double-zero, such as on a Casino Malaysia Roulette wheel. Basically, the quint bet consists of a single wager on the 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. The house advantage on this bet is almost a whopping 8%, compared to the 5.26% on any other bet in American roulette or 2.7% on French Roulette. With an 8% house advantage, you will rarely be lucky enough to win on a quint bet. So, I must say again to emphasize this point, stay away from the quint bet! Even though the casinos would like to see you make this bet, it could turn out to be a very costly mistake for you.
Another good strategy for winning at roulette is to look for a roulette table that has an option to “surrender”. This will reduce you loss by 50% on any losing bet that has been placed on an “even money” spot where the winning number is zero or double-zero. For example, you place a bet on the red spot and the winning number is zero. You will only lose half of your bet, with the other half returned to you. This ability to surrender actually reduces the house advantage by half. Bear in mind that while you might find an American casino that will offer surrender, it can be quite hard to find a European table that will offer this option. This is because this will actually reduce the already low house advantage in the European casinos to under two percent.

Blackjack: Tips to win

Blackjack: Tips to win

Blackjack is one of the Casino Malaysia games which is very famous and people love to play them. This game is also known widely by another name called as Twenty-one (i.e. A game of unknown origin) and is played with 52 cards via creating decks. This game main feature is that the players do not compete with each other as they compete with dealers. This feature gives the players another level of excitement as this is one of the unique feature offered by the game. The game has an objective of the meeting of which the player is considered as the winner of the game. There are three main objectives that are defined below:

  • The players need to get 21 points on their first two cards without any dealer blackjack.
  • The players should reach a higher score than dealers without any of them exceeding 21.
  • The dealers withdraw additional cards without the players score exceeding 21 points.

The Blackjack game is a popular platform in Casino world as people loves the difficulty level of the same as they need to conquer the masters of the game to win over them. The Blackjack can be played on online platforms in Casino Malaysia as well, so that the people who are sitting far away can also have an access to them. The gambling has their own charms and especially when the players participate in their tournaments. In the tournaments which are popularly known as the Blackjack hall of fame invites the professional gamblers throughout the world are invited to play and won the game on an international platform. We have listed below some of the tips below for winning the Blackjack:

  1. Don’t Split the first 10s: If you are receiving first 10s in your first two hands, then never give any thought to split as it is a very strong hand. Whoever reaches to 21 wins the game and there will be no other option left with the dealer only if by any means he has reached 21 stages.
  2. Never split two 5s:  If while playing you have two 5s, then the value of your cards has reached a total of 10, and this point of time the wise decision that you can take is to double your cards. If you able to split two 5s and have received the two 10s then it’s a bad decision as you have made two bad hands from good hands. So never try it.
  3.  If you have received a pair of aces or 8s always try to split them. As splitting of 8s will break up into 16, which is one of the worst hand to have in the game. Two aces will definitely give you 12 or 2, but if you go for splitting them you will end up with a card worth 11.
  4. Never think of split of a card having the value of 10s, 5s or 4s.

Do take care of the tips that these points have mentioned, as they are the master tips. While playing the game if you master these tips the game never is a failure to you. So keep practicing and WINNING!!!!!


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